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Farming Internships Available

The following is not actually a Blog Post per se, however, this seemed like the best place to make the information available on our website. Feel free to share this around and of course let us know if you have any questions.

Harvest Village Internships

Harvest Village offers farm internships to young men and women (18 years and older) who want the opportunity to live and work alongside the Cools' (Dan and Arlene) while gaining farming, gardening, building and agritourism experience within a Christian discipleship context. Interns will be selected depending on our available space and the qualifications of the applicants. Please fill out the application below if you would like to intern at Harvest Village.

Internship Description 

Internships are available April 1 - October 30. 

  • Internships are structured for 8-week periods. A longer or shorter stay is possible with approval, but an 8 week stay is the normal time period.

  • Intern service is based on a 5-day work week (40 hours), although regular daily animal chores are required 7 days a week. Besides Sundays, interns can choose (in consultation with the Cools) one other free day during the week. Sundays generally require daily animal chores only. Saturdays are normally a busy day (especially during the summer tourist season) so this day we need all hands available. Occasionally our chores may require extra work for special events or evenings.

  • Interns will work on a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities, both with the farm and the agritourism side of the business.

  • Interns will learn informally all about organic, regenerative farming.

  • Room and board is provided. Living quarters are basic and interns have access to kitchenette and bathroom. Interns may be responsible for preparing their own meals, breakfasts will be taken with the Cools.   

  • A stipend of $100 per month is included for incidentals.


Internship Requirements

Although no previous experience is required, our interns gain valuable experience that will last them a lifetime. Our standards are high but the requirements are attainable, and the satisfaction of a job well done comes from the amount of effort put forth. Our requirements are as follows:

  • Personal transportation is the responsibility of the interns. Interns are also welcome to bring their own bicycle (The White Pine trail is just 3 miles away).

  • Physical requirements include sweat and honest effort. We can guarantee if the effort is put forth, you will leave in better physical shape when you arrived for your internship.

  • Interns are required to read the foundational sections of the Harvest Village business plan in order to familiarize themselves with the vision and purpose of Harvest Village. Interns should understand how their efforts contribute toward the Business As Mission (BAM) goals of Harvest Village. Once this is understood, we can guarantee you will find satisfaction at the end of the day.

  • Attitude and appearance are very important to us. We expect you to want to be here, to be content, to be teachable and to have a servant’s heart. We want our interns to represent well Harvest Village and reflect Christ in their personal grooming and appearance. We expect interns to demonstrate appropriate maturity and responsibility. Self motivated individuals who can survey a situation, initiate a solution while having the discernment to ask for input when in doubt. We expect dependability and a positive attitude and do not tolerate complaining, dishonesty or disrespect.

  • Interns are to be committed to growing in their walk with the Lord. The Cools are committed to helping each intern through discipleship and biblical guidance.

Our requirements may appear strict, and our workload demanding, but we live, work and relax on the farm and expect you to join in as one of the family, living, working and recreating alongside us.  We work hard but we do it for the Kingdom and find great satisfaction in serving our Savior, we hope our interns will have the same attitude.


Our next available openings are for the summer of 2024.  If you are interested in interning with Harvest Village, please fill out and return the following application form to us and we will let you know if there is a place for you at Harvest Village at this time.


This was my first (internship) experience so I didn't know what to expect. I had a great experience staying with Dan and Arlene Cool on their farm. They are very warm people who treat you like family. Each day I would help feed all the animals including baby lambs, sheep, chickens, pigs, ducks, and barn cat. I also helped with planting vegetables in the hoop house as well as fixing and maintaining fencing. Arlene is a great cook so you will never go hungry and most meals are from the farm. I enjoyed working with both Dan and Arlene on different projects and they are very patient and explain what they expect from you on each project. They used to be Christian missionaries in South America so they have many interesting stories about their experiences. Overall they are very down to earth Christian people who will treat you well. I would highly recommend visiting this place and I know I came away a better person after this experience.” - Micah F

Intern Application Form

To apply, fill out this form and send it to: or print out form and mail it to:

Harvest Village

16557 210th Ave.

LeRoy, MI 49655


Phone number(s):


Complete Mailing Address:

Age:           Birth date: (month, day, year)

When would you like to intern? (preferred time period)

Are you legally allowed to work in the US? yes  no

Are you in good physical condition for daily farm labor, which may include repetitive motions and heavy lifting? yes  no

Explain any allergies or physical limitations that you may have:

Do you have health insurance to cover any accidents or illness? yes  no. Describe:

  •  List 3 references (Name, relationship to you, and phone number)

  •  Short Answer Questions:

Please feel free to write as much as you feel is appropriate to answer each question. You may also include a resume.

1. Why do you want to become an intern at Harvest Village? What do you hope to learn?

2. Do you have any previous work or educational experience in regenerative agriculture or related fields?

3. What are your long-term goals? How do they relate to what you hope to learn at Harvest Village?

  1. Give a short personal biography including your family relationships.

  2. Describe your walk with the Lord (past, present and future goals).

  •  Please attach a photo of yourself with this application.


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