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We hope you enjoy your shopping experience. This year we have added our naturally pasture raised pork to our online store. Later we plan to add grass fed beef (Highland cattle), grass fed Lamb and pasture raised poultry. When you try our delicious pork you won't be able to wait for our other meats!

Virgin Wool Dryer Balls (set of 3)

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Harvest Village dryer balls combine form and function. The new heroes of the laundry room reduce drying time, wrinkles, static, and soften clothes naturally - keeping harmful chemicals off of your family's laundry and dryer sheets out of landfills. Not only will you be saving money on dryer sheets, you will also be saving money on your electric/gas bills through reduced drying time. Store the balls with essential oils and you have a lovely, soft scent diffuser. Did you know that dryer sheets coat your laundry with a chemical softener that ruins absorbency? That's bad news for your towels, cloth diapers, and gym clothes, right? Our dryer balls are hand made by Arlene using virgin wool from our Harvest Village flock. Each ball weighs about 2 ounces. Price includes shipping within U.S.

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