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We hope you enjoy your shopping experience. This year we have added our naturally pasture raised pork to our online store. Later we plan to add grass fed beef (Highland cattle), grass fed Lamb and pasture raised poultry. When you try our delicious pork you won't be able to wait for our other meats!

Bone-In Chops

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Product Details

Our pork chops are cut ⅝ inch thick. We keep the bone in to enhance the flavor. This versatile cut can be prepared in a number of delicious ways. We enjoy them breaded and fried. 2 chops per pack are vacuum sealed in apx. 1½ lb. packages.

To Order: FIRST: Select the quantity of packages that you want to add to your shopping bag, then click Go to Checkout. Review your order and continue to Checkout. Please note that your $ amount will be calculated as one pound for each quantity of package(s) of meat ordered. - This serves as a deposit to reserve your meat. NEXT you will select how you would like to receive your order. If you select Pick Up: You will pay the adjusted balance for your total order upon pick up from Harvest Village. If you select Shipping (available to the lower 48 states). You will be billed for USPS Priority Mail shipping at checkout. If actual product price (due to weight variations) and shipping cost are more than you paid for at check out you may be emailed an electronic invoice for the remainder of your balance. Shipment will generally be made the first Tuesday after our bank receives your payment. Thank you for selecting Harvest Village! Let us know if you have any questions.

Free Shipping? Many businesses like to offer "Free Shipping". We hate to tell you this but (especially when selling meat) the "free Shipping" claim is misleading (to put it nicely). The customers are paying for shipping through inflated prices! We hope that our customers trust us in our efforts to be transparent and honest. We try to work with our online store platform to estimate shipping at check out. However, sometimes this doesn't match the actual shipping charges we have to pay to get our products to you safe and sound. In those instance we will inform you and bill you for the difference. We hope you understand our efforts to offer you the best product for the fairest price.

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